Peyton Manning gets called for holding on bizarre play


By Andy Nesbitt,

Well, this isn’t something we expected to see from Peyton Manning today. Or any day, for that matter.

After being stripped of the ball, Manning tried his best to make sure Redskins LB Brian Orakpo didn’t recover the fumble.

He went all out, too. But you’re just not allowed to tackle a player from behind so they can’t recover a fumble.

Despite Manning’s vicious take down, Orakpo was able to recover the ball and the legendary QB was flagged for holding.

Manning, however, rebounded well from the play as he helped lead the Broncos back from a 14-point deficit. They scored the final 38 points of the game in a 45-21 win.

All this on a day when Terrelle Pryor of all people set an NFL quarterback record of some kind.

(GIF via TheBigLead)