Peyton Manning can’t come to your wedding, but he’ll at least RSVP

Peyton Manning always leaves a note.

Brian Spurlock/Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

That Peyton Manning is one courteous cat. You have to love him, unless  you’re a Patriots fan. In that case, there’s a good chance you’re just evil.

Anyway, the superstar quarterback was sent a wedding invitation recently and instead of just tossing it into the garbage while rolling his eyes, Manning actually responded. Check it out:

Now, although I don’t understand him using quotes to say "best wishes," I’m no less than seriously impressed that he took the time to send the RSVP. The thought counts and I’m sure the couple is somewhat relieved that they don’t have to pay for his plate at the reception.

Peyton Manning is a real man of the people.

OK, now onto a related topic. I’ve spent some time looking at wedding invitations lately and I take issue with this RSVP card. Your two options are "delighted to attend" and "regretfully decline"?

I don’t want to go on a rant here, but if I did choose to attend, what’s with the forced joy? Can’t I be "satisfied to attend," or "begrudgingly attending"? And why must I "regretfully" decline? Is it such an honor to get an invitation that if I can’t attend, then it’s due to some moral failure on my part? Must I grovel and plead for your forgiveness?

And here’s the worst part: They used the british version of the word "favor" at the top of the card.  

Sorry, including the "u" is inexcusable … and pretentious.

OK, rant over. Good luck to the happy couple.

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