Mail-it-in Friday: The NFL in LA and should the league go ‘green’?

Are you waiting for the NFL to slow down?

Too bad, because there’s never a day off when it comes to the most powerful sports league in the world. And it’s clear with this latest edition of Mail-it-in Friday that emotions are running high. So, let’s dive into another batch of reader thoughts.

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The NFL actually looks serious about returning to Los Angeles. However, before we start moving teams and building stadiums, let’s ask this question: Does Los Angeles even deserve an NFL team, let alone two? I can’t wait to see all the LA hate!


Can’t argue with that logic. However, I don’t want to snipe at smaller markets that should or should not have an NFL team — cough, Jacksonville, cough — because it’s just mean.


Wrong! The past has only proven that having two teams in Los Angeles with certifiable nut jobs as owners in Al Davis and Georgia Frontiere is a disaster. The past has also proven that Los Angeles is a city that won’t bend over backwards for the league and just hand them millions in public money. So, if the right owner(s) comes into this market, trust me, the support will be there.


I’d say if a city has great grades, impeccable recommendations, a couple solid extracurriculars and does some community service, that should make them worthy of a team … and Harvard.


Why is there always people each week who answer my questions with their own questions?!


Don’t yell at me! I’m on your side. I’m a proud resident of the People’s Republic of Drugafornia and I can attest that the proud people of Los Angeles show up in droves to sporting events.

Here’s one thing that always grinds my gears (yes, I stole that line): Everyone always dumps on Lakers fans and yet, despite the team’s miserable record this season, the team is still in the top 10 in league attendance. Suck on that! Just because the weather here is fair, doesn’t mean the fans are!


I agree. If the league actually does return here, the ideal options are the Rams and Raiders. They still have fanbases and it wouldn’t be much of an adjustment for them to just slip right back in and everyone can act like the past 20 years never happened.

The Chargers won’t quite fit. When the Rams and Raiders bailed in 1995, a lot of people assumed that everyone in LA would just switch their allegiances to the Chargers, since they were the "closest team". Nobody bought into that. It’s as if people would rather go without a favorite NFL team than root for the Chargers.

Can’t say that I blame them. That’s what I did.


Would that be such a tragedy? I still haven’t adjusted to the Seahawks being in the NFC. I want to relive all those memorable Dave Krieg vs. Jim Plunkett battles from the days of yore.


You’re a silly question!

Just kidding! YES! We deserve the NFL! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!


Oh, lord. I’m pretty sure Nick’s kidding, but can you imagine? If the NFL actually allowed a team to move to Utah instead? I know how I’d react:

It wouldn’t be pretty. I’m talking intense therapy.

OK, enough of this nonsense. I’m disappointed with the lack of vitriol for Los Angeles displayed here. Let’s move on to another topic.


News came out this week that NFL Draft prospect Randy Gregory tested positive for marijuana. Stories like this break every year, which begs the question: Should the NFL just forget all this testing and let players smoke weed if they wish?

Beast Mode 2.0,

This isn’t a small town in Michigan that desperately needs revenue. This is the NFL, a giant that mints money and the $10K fines they collect from players is tip money.

This isn’t a financial thing.


Well, nobody is suggesting that players spark up in the work place, let alone on Sundays. Although … that would make for an interesting test.

We’ve seen Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and the like carve up secondaries for years now and quite frankly, I’m bored with it. I’m sick of watching well-rested players perform at their physical peaks.

You know what I want to see? Tom Brady lead a game-winning drive after four shots of Jack Daniel’s, two giant bong rips and two soft tacos. If he can thread the needle and get the W, then yes, I will agree that he is the best quarterback to have ever played the game.

Let’s make this happen.


You know why I love Ohio? Because people there don’t waste time with a lot of flowery language. Just a simple "yes," and let’s move on.

Love it.


No doubt! I’ve huffed paint in the company bathroom with our Senior VP and it … uhhhh, no I haven’t! Sorry hahahahaha nothing happened.




Hey, I wasn’t! That was all MacDawg!


I see your point and I’ve had to take drugs tests before. However, these players deal with pain on a daily basis and have to find ways to manage it. I’d rather they smoke a little weed at home than start messing with prescription pain killers.

That stuff can be evil. Weed? Maybe they’ll eat a quesadilla, play some video games and hit the hay.


Exactly, times have definitely changed. People don’t look at marijuana in the same way they did 20 years ago. It’s true, it’s still not "legal" in every state, but that time is probably coming sooner rather than later. It’s time the NFL got with the times and changed their attitude towards it.

They can start with Martin’s approach and make the punishment so light it doesn’t matter. A small fine with no suspensions. Then, as marijuana usage becomes more acceptable around the nation, maybe one day it can be decriminalized, so to speak.

Wow, I almost sound intelligent!


If this was the twilight zone, you’d wake up one morning and every other human being on earth would have turned into talking goats. You’re fine and you do indeed live in the real world.