NFL 13 Review: 2 Truths and a Lie

By early in the week most football fans know the story lines from the Sunday before. However, some people need a review. Maybe you just need to make sure you did not miss anything, maybe you are bored at work, maybe you just got back from a business trip in Fiji and you miss all the action, but whatever the case, we here at Laces out thought you might need a recap of the week. Anyone can recycle stats, scores, and headlines so we thought we would play a little game of ‘2 Truths and a Lie’ for each NFL game of the week. Here is how you play the NFL version of this popular party game. We will give you two true statements about an NFL game and one false statement. All you have to do is guess which one is the lie. For each week you get all the answers correct, award yourself 1,000 points.

1. Jets defeated the Cardinals 7-6.

2. Third string QB Greg McElroy lead a game winning drive.

3. Fans who watched this game felt like they used their time wisely.


1 The Rams beat the 49ers on an overtime kick from Greg Zuerlein.

2. These two teams have needed 10 quarters to determine one winner.

3. Most fans would have know how having 2 ties would effect the standings.


1. The Seahawks got their second road win in Chicago.

2. The Bears lost only their second home game.

3.  The NFL has no reason to be concerned about the use of Adderall.


1. Andrew Luck led a game winning drive over the Lions.

2. The Colts have won 6 of their last 7.

3. Andrew Luck has left the door open in the race for Offensive Rookie of the Year.


1. The Cowboys improved to 6-6 with a win over the Eagles.

2. Nick Foles will start the rest of the way in Philadelphia.

3. As a show of solidarity and support, Donovan McNabb will move in and sleep on Michael Vick’s futon.


1.Adrian Peterson rushed for 210 yards.

2. The Vikings became just the 6th team since the merger to lose a game in which a player rushed for over 200 yards.

3. As a show of solidarity and support, Steven Jackson and Cory Dillon (Cin) will move  in and sleep on Peterson’s futon.


1. The Bills defeated the Jaguars 34-18.

2. The Bills  remain mathematically in contention for a playoff spot.

3.  Fans in Buffalo believe, for good reason, that their team has a chance to make the playoffs.


1.  The Houston Texans Clinched their second straight playoff berth with a win over the Titans.

2. The Texans pass the eye test for a championship team.

3. Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Matt Shaub, will have 6 healthy ankles, 6 healthy knees, and 3 healthy brains for the next 7 weeks.


1. The Patriots are going back to the Playoffs.

2. This is the Patriots 4th straight division title.

3. People outside of New England purchase Dodge Darts because of Tom Brady.


1. The Cleveland Browns won their second game in a row.

2. Brandon Weeden, Josh Gordon, and Trent Richardson give Browns fans the most hope they have had since the moment just before Dwayne Rudd took off his helmet.

3. Browns fans believe its safe to start hoping again.


1. The Bengals stay in the hunt for a wild card spot, by beating the Chargers

2.  The Chargers collapse more conveniently than storing a Bowflex under your bed.

3. The Bengals won with a first quarter comeback.


1. Charlie Batch won a football game in 2012.

2. The Baltimore Ravens defense is dinged up and got beaten by Charlie Batch.

3.  Charlie Batch is young.


1. The Chiefs won a football game in the wake of a great tradgedy.

2. The Panthers need more than Cam Newton.

3. I would have tried EAS Myoplex without Brady Quinn’s endorsement.


1. The Broncos clinched the AFC West with a win over the Buccaneers.

2. Peyton Manning is playing MVP caliber football.

3. Denver misses Tim Tebow.


1. The Falcons improved to 11-1 with a win over the Saints.

2. Drew Brees threw 5 interceptions.

3. People will give the Falcons credit for winning this game despite the uncharacteristic turnovers from Brees.


1. Robert Griffin III has lead his team to 6-6 with a win this week over division rival New York Giants

2. The NFC East is up for grabs.

3. RG3 leaves something to be desired.


Answer: 3