Mail-it-in Friday: Most of you think Tom Brady is a big crybaby

For the first time in this year’s NFL playoffs, we’re going to talk about football. Well, sort of.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is on the cusp of history. With a win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, he’ll reach the Super Bowl for the seventh time in his career. Just think about that for a second. Seven trips to the freakin’ Super Bowl — that would be an NFL record. How much better can his life get?

Well, the Denver Broncos are here to throw a monkey wrench into everything. A couple players called out Tommy Boy in the media this week, saying he constantly whines to the referees. In fact, the word "crybaby" was thrown around.

Wow, I mean, we can kinda see their point:

But, really, aren’t comments like that out of bounds? I pointed out in a post on Wednesday that many NFL quarterbacks never pass up a chance to whine to officials about something. So, I’ll turn this topic over to you:

Is Tom Brady a whiny crybaby or just a misunderstood legend? Let’s get to work!

The Bling,

Well, thanks for the refresher. I’m very aware that Tom Brady has a lot of championship rings and he knows how to count while looking into a camera . . .


Right, exactly. Thank you, Chris.


What a treat. It’s so rare to see the wild Patriots Homer in its natural habitat. They can easily be spotted by their Tom Brady photos as their avatars and their blatant pro-New England stances.

And it’s one thing to protect pocket quarterbacks. That’s being done. You can’t even pass gas near them without drawing a penalty flag. But when quarterbacks can’t even take a shove without crying, sorry, but that’s ridiculous. And soft.

Stop whining and play. The Patriots offense already has the best tight end in the game (Gronk) and are able to run rub-routes up and down the field (any Edelman play) with impunity. They don’t need any more help than they’re already getting.


Anyone you’ve ever seen, eh? A quick check of your Twitter page shows that you are: No. 1: a successful real estate agent, and No. 2: a Green Bay Packers fan. I believe that some of your Aaron Rodgers love is coloring your point of view.

But that’s just my theory. Here’s hoping 2016 is a banner year for you. Get out there and close!



Dan Fouts? Why are you dragging his name into all of this?

I’m happy to say that I have no frame of reference when it comes to Dan Fouts’ whining exploits. That’s because a majority of his playing career was a tad before my time. Which is something I can’t say very often anymore.

I was chatting with a couple friends via text message a few days ago and I made a "Donald R. DeCicco" joke and was met with absolute silence. Not only had these people not seen "Coneheads" multiple times, they hadn’t seen it once.

I was completely blown away. In fact, this is what I was told:

"Before my time haha. JK oldie."

I brushed it off, but I’d be lying if I didn’t suddenly feel super old. This sucks.


OK . . . yes, you’re right. But you have to admit, it’s the worst kind of gamesmanship, right? Crying to get a flag thrown is the equivalent of the Pau Gasol shouting every time he shoots the ball near the basket. Dude, your yelling shouldn’t get a whistle, we all know you weren’t touched.

It just strikes me as very . . . European. Take that as you will.


Wrong, all great quarterbacks don’t cry. I never saw . . . actually, I can’t think of anyone to refute your point. But I’m sure you’re wrong. There’s gotta be one quarterback in the Hall of Fame who never once whined to an official.

Probably somebody who played in the 50s. When men were men! And drank scotch! And everyone was white! And treated women and minorities like garbage!

Seriously, sometimes, despite all the problems we face in today’s world, in many ways we are light years ahead of where were just decades ago. Whew.


So, you’re saying that if he wasn’t a crybaby, I wouldn’t even be asking this question. You, my friend, are a master logician.

By the way, your Twitter handle could easily be a Stormtrooper name. Just sayin’.


Seriously? Is anyone going to stick up for Tom Brady? I was expecting a 50-50 split with the responses.

L M,

There we go! This person didn’t have any more to say past those two words, but sometimes keeping it simple is enough.


That’s completely right. No matter what people will say about Brady crying or whining, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, right? He has four Super Bowl rings and could very well add a fifth for the pinkie in a few weeks.

That man is right up there with the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. And anyone who argues different is quite frankly, a moron.

I kind of like it that he complains to the referees. It shows he has emotion and isn’t an automaton . . . cough, Russell Wilson, cough.


Look, dude. I don’t mind foul language. But if you’re going to do it, go for the gold. Don’t stop two letters short. That’s just weak sauce, brah.


Something can be silly and be real. Take sex, for instance. And along the same vein, someone can be the greatest quarterback of all time — like Tom probably is — and still be a whiny crybaby.

We live in a strange world.


All great players come with a sense of entitlement. Take the NBA. If you were to total Kobe Bryant’s trips to the free-throw line over his two-decade career, I’d say he was truly fouled maybe 65 percent of the time. The rest were just calls he gets because he was one of the top players in the game.

Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Bird, you name it. All of them benefitted from their reputation. You can’t be surprised if the same thing happens in the NFL.


Judging from the responses here, you’re not alone. People seem to be really sick and tired of Tom Brady.

And as much as I don’t like to admit it, I’m kinda tired of the Manning-Brady era. I’m ready for it to go away and be replaced by something new.

Like Russell Wilson-Cam Newton. Now, that’s a rivalry that has sizzle. The NFL needs to make sure these two guys play each other every season. It’s appointment television every time. And thank God they’re both in the NFC, which means FOX gets to televise it! Unless NBC steals it for "Sunday Night Football". Stupid Peacock Network. Always getting in the way.


Which I’m sure you’re implying that he stole and had memorized before each game, right? When will the cheating allegations end?


Here we go. I won’t have Gisele’s good name besmirched. Stop it.




And that could a very sad epitaph to a career. I have this vision of Tom Brady in the far future. When he’s in his 90s and padding his way up and down the hallways of an old-age home, doing this:

I’m sure someone will give him a high-five. He’s Tom F—— Brady, after all.

OK, folks! Enough of this for one week. See you next time!