Gronk donates cleats to HS player, tells him to ‘get chicks’

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Peter Casey/Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

That Gronk is such a giver.

New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski was feeling charitable in early May as he had a pair of cleats that he wasn’t using and took to Twitter to see if anyone wanted them.

That’s right, a size 16. You would think it would be tricky to find someone to fill those giant shoes, but that wasn’t the case. It turns out a high-school football player from Massachusetts — a junior tight end who wears the No. 87, no less — was in the market for some new footwear.

And guess what? Gronk got right on it.

A short time later, the young man named Riley had his new cleats. And Gronk even signed them for him:

Stay hyped! Get chicks! Yup, that definitely sounds like Gronk.