Memorable rants by NFL coaches that you must see again

By Andy Nesbitt,

Rex Ryan and the Jets are even more of a circus after the coach’s awkward exchange with a reporter following Saturday’s preseason loss to the Giants.

Here it is, in case you missed it:

Rex isn’t the first NFL coach to have a meltdown in front of the cameras and he won’t be the last. Let’s take a look back at some of the best coaching meltdowns in NFL history.

1. “IF YOU WANT TO CROWN THEM THEN CROWN THEIR ASS!” Remember when then-Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green snapped after losing to the Bears on Monday Night Football in 2006?

2. “Playoffs? Plaaaaaaaaaaaayoffs?” Jim Mora loved a good rant and this one might go down as the most memorable in history. Who doesn’t think about it when someone says the word playoffs? You just said it, didn’t you?

3. “We couldn’t do diddly poo offensively.” Oh, Jim Mora. See, he really loved saying exactly what was on his mind. Here he is explaining how bad his Saints team looked in a loss to the Panthers in 1996. (Caution: You’ll hear some iffy language).

4. “You play to win the game!” Herm Edwards was always good for a sound bite when he was a head coach. This line from his time with the Jets is a classic.

5. “Put your name on it!” Edwards rarely disappointed, and here’s another example why. An unnamed player on the Jets leaked information to the press and Edwards was not happy. Like at all.

6.  “CAN’T DO IT!” Mike Singletary was not happy with his 49ers team after a loss to the Seahawks in 2008. He sent Vernon Davis to the showers early and then went off of Davis in his bizarre postgame press conference. He just wanted winners. Well, now the 49ers are winners and Singletary is with the Minnesota Vikings.

7. “I’m probably not the right man for this job.” Those aren’t the type of words you hope to hear from your coach after a loss, but that’s exactly what Mike Ditka said after his Saints squad lost to the Falcons in Week 13 of the 1999 season. The Saints would win just one more game that season, which was Ditka’s last with the team.

8. “We have to be the dumbest team in America.” Bill Callahan was probably not the first coach in Raiders history to think this, but he’s the only one to say it … out loud … at a postgame press conference.

9. “This team is going to the playoffs.” Jim Fassel believed in his Giants in the middle of the 2000 season, even after the team lost two straight games to fall to 7-4.  The Giants closed out the regular season with 5 straight wins, took home the NFC East title, and later advanced to the Super Bowl where they lost to the Ravens.

10. “I’m a man. I’m 40!” Mike Gundy is not an NFL coach. But the Oklahoma State coach’s rant directed a reporter who called out one of his players is one of the greatest things to ever happen in a press conference.