What Mark Sanchez might be thinking during training camp (PHOTOS)

By Andy Nesbitt, FOXSports.com

First the good news for Mark Sanchez: Rex Ryan said Tuesday that the former USC QB will be the starter for the Jets’ preseason opener Friday against the Lions.

Now the bad news: Rex didn’t sound all that confident in the QB when announcing said decision.

“Certainly, he’s the incumbent,” Ryan said of Sanchez, who was booed by fans during last Saturday’s scrimmage. “The competition starts off and we’ll see how it goes from here, but it seemed like the natural thing to do.”

Yup, that has to make Sanchez feel pretty good about his job security.

With Sanchez’s long-term future in New York seemingly always in question, we take a fun look at what might be going through his head during training camp.

“Great to be back at camp! I’m still allowed to be here, right guys? Guys?”

“I’m so gonna dominate this practice.”

“OK, where is everybody and who is this new center?”

“No butt fumbles this year, guys. You hear me? NONE. That was not cool.”

“The sidelines are over there, rookie. OVER THERE.”

“Welllllllllllllll, this is awkward. Whatever, though. I’ve got this.”

“Why do you always laugh when I say I was a first-round pick?”

“Nice catch! Wait, you’re on defense? Shoot! You totally got me. This high five is over.”

“I’m so about to win a new stuffed animal.”

“Which one of you guys wants to catch my next pass?”

“Sanchez … Sanchez …. Sanchez … has to be here somewhere.”

“Phew, still on the roster!”

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