Mail-it-in Friday: Not much love for Tony Romo

By Sid Saraf,

Aaaand we’re back! Welcome everyone to Volume VIII of Mail-it-in Friday. We’re officially back after a bit of a hiatus and we’re raring to go. The regular season is around the corner and I can’t wait to dive into your letters and start swimming. In fact, I’ve been getting mentally ready to absorb some big hits … it was very similar to this:

Only instead of getting in the batting cage, I was sitting at a local eatery. And instead of taking baseballs off the chest, I was putting cheesesteaks into my mouth.

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OK, let’s get to work!

Jane wrote,

you hate-filled jealous butt orifice, I hope you get what you deserve, as it is written, you will get one or the other, Deuteronomy 28. Blessings upon you, you hate-filled, evil person. Blessings as deserved.


Jane [last name redacted]

Off to a great start! I won’t lie, that stung a little bit. Especially since there’s no mention of what I exactly did to offend her. Nevertheless, let’s move on!


Former NFL defensive lineman Travis Johnson made some waves this week, calling Cowboys QB Tony Romo a “thief,” among other insults.

While my first reaction was to blow off Johnson’s comments as the rant of a Bitter Betty, the response among you readers was … mixed. By the way, I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I like seeing people mix it up. See for yourself:

Shane wrote,

I couldn’t agree more with Travis Johnson .. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what Romo has done in his career in the post season ..NOTHING!! He chokes every year under any pressure. He how old? He will be lucky to ever win another playoff game again. He’s window is already starting to close and they pay him that type of money . Hell Russell Wilson deserves money like that and he’s done more in a year than Romo.

Nice! Couple haymakers right at Tony’s dome … keep bringing it!

G rey wrote,

You are a BIG fool just like everybody else who wishes and prays that Romo and the Cowboys do well …Never-Never going to happen as long as Romo is QB the Cowboys are done period ! What is this his 9 / 10th year and all he has to show for it is one play-off appearance ( that is the most funniest thing ever! ) . The bottom line is this no matter what Jerry J . does the Cowboys have lost everything they have been known for “and that is a big shame ” because of the history of the team . Romo has been the problem from day one except everybody wants to give him a chance come around .Well 10 years is over the top no more Cowboys in the SUPER-GAME EVER !

Yeah! Wait … why I am I a big fool?

Johdelgado56 wrote,

To Travis Johnson comments about Romo yeah maybe one time Tony Romo did have 5 pro bowl players on offensive line but none were offensive linemen .Romo is still breaking all kinds of cowboy QB records without a Newton or Allen for offensive linemen the man has no blocking like Troy had I suppose Quincy Carter could of done better purple haze all around damn pot head

I like it. Rambling, opinionated, contradictory and bonus points for the sucker punch to Quincy Carter. For that, you have been named the Golf Clap of the Week Award winner!

Herbert wrote,

Travis Johnson NEVER had any class. Calling Tony Romo a thief is absurd. He is entitled to his opinion,but who really cares what Johnson thinks anyway.

That’s exactly what my original point was. Thank you, Herbert. Nice name.

Barry wrote,

I agree with everything He said and I am a lifelong Cowboy fan.

Wow, even a member of Cowboys Nation is kicking Tony while he’s down.


Every mailbag we’ve done comes with a litany of emails from the Support Tim Tebow No Matter What cabal. Why should this edition be any different? Sigh, here goes.

Ronald wrote,

Hey you idiot, why do you pick the worst pass Tebow made? To try to make him look bad! You’re SCHMUCK he did “ok” and will do better. You should be familiar with his stats and as a Rookie he beat Elway, Manning, Breese and I think Brady so bite me fool. You SHOULD be a little more professional! SHOULD BE

Were you channeling Aliens with that last statement?

No problem, Ronald … I’ll check Tim’s stats. Let the record state that Tim Tebow and John Elway never played in the NFL at the same time. What’s more, he didn’t even play against Manning, “Breese” and I think Brady during his rookie year, so fact-check me, fool.

Your move.

Tom wrote,

Concerning Tebow. It’s really sad. You speak for a really sick America. You remind me of the Jackals who love tearing apart the life who is already down. The news media is the biggest downfall of the USA. May God help us. You most likely don’t even know what I’m talking about. OAK, Obama ass kissers.

You’re absolutely right. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

And Barack (excuse me, Mr. President), sorry you took shrapnel from this.

David wrote,

How come you have to bash Tebow? Let’s see your sorry ass out there on the field. I am willing to bet you wouldn’t last three plays or you would be so scared you’d toss the ball to the opposing team as they came at you. But then again, if you couldn’t bash someone, you’d be out of a job.

Excuse me, sir … you are wrong. I wouldn’t last ONE play, let alone three. And I’m sorry about pointing out this Tebow pass:

You know what? Now that I’m looking at it closer, it really was a thing of beauty. This throw should be taught in youth clinics.

Patrick wrote,

If you watch all of the preseason games Tebow was just about as good as most back-ups I have seen. Why do we have to trash this guy. It was the first preseason game at a time that he was not expected to play. He was much better in the second possession that he was in the first. Why didn’t you Mallet’s performance, it was not stellar either. Like I said many weren’t, including Barkley. No comment on him?

Nope, no comment on him. I exist solely to make Tim Tebow’s life miserable.

Pedro wrote,

what a bunch of clowns behind computers now days calling themselves journalists…if tebow wasn’t a football player…what would you do? still, these players get u a chance to put food on your table…shame


a true sports fan

If Tebow wasn’t a football player I would have no purpose in life. I would move to Montana, live in a log cabin and write threatening letters to government agencies and corporations that I feel go against the American way.


A true sports hack journalist

William wrote,

He suxs and always will sux

Hey, I didn’t say it … William did.


Last week I wrote a post on the small crowd at the Redskins-Titans preseason game. I thought it was pretty funny. Then I got this email:

Kay wrote,

its truly SAD that you guys dont do your homework on Why? the seats on Thursday were a little empty!!! we had just been hit with the worst flash flooding since the Great flood of 2010 wich wiped out huge parts of Nashville. one of the main road systems to the stadium was under water and closed for hours! alot of people lost their homes and business AGAIN!!! So Alot of people were dealing with REAL LIFE or DEATH in their life!!!! F a game!!! Thanks for NOT knowing Crap!!!! F OFF!!! GO TITANS!!!! u GUYS SUK

Whoops. Yeeeeeaaaah, I didn’t know that.


Bill Parcells recently spent $105K to buy a race horse. So …

Twinkie1325 wrote,

105, 000 for a horse! Wow! I could change my life and save my home with that! And actually buy some food!

Thanks for killing the mood in here, Debbie Downer.

(But sorry about your home and lack of food.)


Larry wrote,

I wonder if the Brady’s like each other or just require a lot of elbow room to exist in the same area….maybe they like to play hide and seek and enhance the [deleted] and [deleted]sessions…

No doubt they have earned their way…

Which Brady? Greg? Peter? Bobby? Marcia? Jan? Cindy?

I’m gonna assume you meant Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen (-Brady?)

For those of you wondering what words I deleted from Larry’s email, you should be able to figure it out. Let’s just say it rhymes with wap and fickle.

But, no I don’t think they like each other. Why would they? After all, most people in this country make an effort to not just marry, but have children with people they can’t stand. Come on, get real … of course they at least like each other.

However, I did see this photo and it gave me pause:

See how far Tom Brady is from his wife? And look how rude he is! He’s standing there like a goon checking his phone while poor Gisele is carrying the baby. You know, they may not hate each other, but she probably had some words for him once they got in the building.

Barbara wrote,


Is there any way that you can stop Marcelo [last name redacted] from posting? Most people can post without swearing multiple times – it seems he can’t. His mouth doesn’t have a filter, but maybe your site has.

Marcelo, stop swearing please, you little [expletive deleted]. Don’t make me angry.

Alrighty, on that note, let’s wrap this [expletive deleted]. See you next week!