Jets LB Calvin Pace: NFL ‘had it out for us’

As most everyone knows, the New York Jets are 1-5. They have a quarterback problem. They have a coach whose seat could not be hotter. And now they have a date with their arch-rival, New England, on a short week.

You know what this all screams to one Jets player? Conspiracy, that’s what!

The Jets’ schedule, admittedly, has been pretty difficult. They have played the Raiders (their lone win in Week 1), Packers, Bears, Lions, Chargers and Broncos.

Now, they go to New England on a short week with 1-6 staring them in the face. Calvin Pace has his own idea about this schedule, telling Newsday "It’s going to be another tough one. Someone at the NFL really had it out for us on this schedule. But that being said, nobody feels sorry for us."

After this week, the schedule softens some the rest of the way with two games each with the Bills and Dolphins, plus games against the Steelers, Vikings and Titans.

By then, though, it may be too late. Pace better be careful, though, because if whoever is in charge of the making the schedule next year hears about this, the Jets may play their first eight games on the road.

(H/t to Newsday)