Jaguars mascot endears himself to British fans

By Sid Saraf,

Jaxson de Ville, otherwise known as the Jaguars mascot, is one strange chap.

With the Jaguars in London to play the 49ers, Mr. de Ville decided to go with the flow. Since soccer, or “football,” fans enjoy a good naked person running on the field, or “pitch,” why not try it out?

So, he did. By the way, in case you haven’t been following the rogue mascot, this isn’t the first strange thing he’s done this year. He’s been busy dressing in bikinis, being shot by paintballs, etc. This was probably just a natural progression.

I’m sure the English enjoyed the show. American fans sure did.




Jolly good, Jaxson. Jolly good, indeed.

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