Sick Flicks for Week 10: Did Kaepernick save the 49ers’ season?

Kaepernick saves the day in New Orleans.

Chuck Cook/Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterbacks get all the glory in today’s NFL.

And you know what? It’s for good reason. The difference between a playoff contender and a bottom-feeder often comes down to who is taking snaps under center. So in honor of our favorite field generals, let’s take a look at some of the more impressive throws for Week 10.

Colin Kaepernick

It’s hard to keep from getting carried away by this throw. So much was riding on it. The 49ers were in their territory, down by three points and facing a fouth-and-10. Fail here and the Niners drop to a game under .500. Something big needed to happen and Kaep delivered with this bomb:

What a throw to Michael Crabtree. The 49ers ended up kicking the tying field goal and then went on to win in overtime.

Ben Roethlisberger

Not much went right for the Steelers on Sunday. And it showed as they lost to the Jets. Let me repeat that: They lost to the JETS. However, Big Ben did complete this rocket to Martavis Bryant that almost gave his team a glimmer of hope:

They Steelers still lost, but this play was still nice.

Drew Brees

The Saints endured a tough loss against the 49ers, but their quarterback did come up with this dandy.

Only a future Hall of Famer like Drew Brees can turn a botched snap into a first down. Impressive.

Drew Brees

Here he is again? No long preamble this time. Just check out this guy’s skills.


Eli Manning

You can’t see Mr. Manning’s throw here, but believe me: It was awesome.


Michael Vick

Just because Vick is getting up there in years, that doesn’t mean his cannon for an arm has grown weaker.

Matthew Stafford

The Lions were down by three and were easily in range for a tying field goal. But screw that! Go for the end zone.

What a throw to Theo Riddick.

Tony Romo

Back injury be damned! Romo refused to sit out this game in London and he refused to sit back there and hand off all game:

This is the second touchdown toss of the day to Dez Bryant. What a thing of beauty.

Ryan Tannehill

Easy. Did you see who caught the ball? That would be Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. QB to QB! Always a treat.

Drew Stanton

Carson Palmer — the starting quarterback for the Cardinals — went down with an injury on Sunday and that is depressing news. However, his backup came into the game and uncorked this throw:

That will get it done. We’re hoping for the best for Palmer though.