Gronk who? The Patriots have a new tight end stud

By Sid Saraf,

Have you ever head of Zach Sudfield? Oh, he’s just New England’s latest tight end superstar. Don’t shake your head, it’s true.

The undrafted rookie free agent out of Nevada landed in a pretty sweet situation with the Patriots since the team is looking for help at the position. What with Aaron Hernandez in the clink and Rob Gronkowski looking more like Rob Gronkgimpy.

Sudfeld busted out big time against the Buccaneers on Friday. First, he pulled down an amazing two-point conversion pass from Tom Brady in the first quarter. He followed that with a 22-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter. Twitter, expectedly, blew up:




It looks like we might on the ground floor of a budding star! Or maybe this is just a preseason game. Either way, Sudfeld gave us something to smile about on Friday night.

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