Good luck? NFL prospect hopes to set three-cone record

Kyle Starr is a man on a mission.

Good luck, young man!

Most prospects heading into next week’s NFL Scouting Combine usually have pretty standard goals when it comes to displaying their skills to NFL scouts and coaches. Get a nice time in the 40-yard dash, look good on the bench press, ace your interviews and then head home and wait for the draft.

But for South Dakota linebacker Tyler Starr, the Combine is his chance to shatter the record in the three-cone drill! Huh? Yeah, you read that right. In case you’re not familiar with it, check out a demonstration:

Then check it out being performed at the 2009 Combine:

Exciting stuff, right? It’s a way for linemen and linebackers to show off their short-yardage burst and explosion off the ball. It’s not the sexiest of drills, but an important one, nonetheless. But Starr doesn’t just want to excel at this, he wants to be the best ever. He told Bruce Feldman of that he has already got through the drill at 6.29 seconds, which would beat the record of 6.42 set by Jeff Maehl in 2011.

"I think I can blow that drill out of the water," Starr said.

Well, all right then! Personally, it’s a tad odd that this young man has chosen THIS drill to focus a good amount of his energy. It’s like a surgeon trying to set the record for the fastest X-ray, but let’s just support Starr in his efforts.

After all, he was a little-known prospect coming out of a small-town high school who didn’t receive a single scholarship offer. But he arrived on the national stage recently after standouts performances at the recent East-West Shrine Game. Scouts were impressed by the physical specimen they encountered.

"I was really impressed with this guy in person. He is simply massive in his frame and looks to have the ability to add on some legitimate girth to his frame. He moved well in linebacker drills and he looked like a WR plucking the football out of the air," said Kyle Crabbs of NFL Draft Bible.

If killing the three-cone drill will get Starr closer to his dream of playing in the NFL, then all the best to him! Shred that drill!