Geno Smith is out against the Jags … and somewhere Sanchez smiles

By Sid Saraf,

It appears Geno Smith’s ankle injury hasn’t healed enough to where the Jets are going to let him play in Saturday’s preseason game. This makes sense. No reason to rush him into game action and possibly make things worse. This is especially true after Smith suffered through a “brutal” practice on Wednesday, according to head coach Rex Ryan.

Mark Sanchez was going to get the start on Saturday anyway, but I imagine this is how he reacted when he heard the news, even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

(Unrelated note: Doesn’t Sanchez kinda look like Matt Bomer?)

By the way, in case you’re wondering what we have in store for the game, check this out:


Judging from local reports, Sanchez has been more reliable during training camp, despite his awful pick-six in the Jets’ first preseason game. At this point, he’s gotta be the leader for the starting quarterback job.

But even if he wins it, the Jets have so many problems that this could end up being a curse.

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