Wife of Saints owner finds Jets reporter’s engagement ring in bathroom

By Sam Gardner, FOXSports.com

Gayle Benson, the wife of New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, couldn’t save her husband’s team from an upset loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. But she did save one New York-area reporter from losing an engagement ring that had been left in a press box bathroom.

Kimberley Martin, the Jets beat writer at Newsday, removed her engagement ring to wash her hands in the MetLife Stadium press box bathroom, but only realized she had left the ring in the restroom when she was downstairs in the Jets locker room following the team’s 26-20 win.

Fortunately, Benson spotted the ring when she used the ladies room before leaving the press box after the game and left it with stadium security.

“I am so happy she has her ring,” Benson told Newsday. “So happy I saw it on the counter. I suspected it was an engagement ring. Very beautiful.”

Martin, who is engaged to Bergen Record sportswriter Jeffrey Roberts, said she was “incredibly grateful” that Benson found the ring. I also suspect she’ll heed Benson’s advice, via Newsday: “Many blessings and always keep your ring on. Better to get soap on it than lose it.”