Detroit Lions player wants to moon fans at Lambeau Field

By Andy Nesbitt,

Green Bay Packers fans have been known to moon the opposing team as their buses leave Lambeau Field after games.

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola is a little sick and tired of the tradition and might do something about it this Sunday.

“Going there — I go before the buses go there — maybe I should go moon somebody this week on the way there in the car that we take early,” he told the Detroit Free Press this week.

He went on to say more about the tradition, and how it makes him mad:

“Well, usually you’re (ticked) off when you leave there because you don’t win,” Raiola said. “ ‘Let me out of this (bleeping) bus.’ Yeah, you get mooned. It’s like, ‘Get me the (expletive) out of this bus so I can go put my hands on somebody.’ ”

Of course, Raiola was joking about hurting Packers fans, and he actually admires Lambeau.

“Oh, it’s awesome,” he said. “I love playing there. It’s a great place to play.”

But is it a great place to moon? That is the question.