Mail-it-in Friday: Lions Nation is still upset … like, really upset

Lions fans are having a hard time getting over this.

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It’s the best time of the year!

We’re a day away from the start of the NFL postseason’s divisional round and while everything should be all steaks and sizzle, some of us are are dragging us down. Some us are still living in the past. I’m looking at you, Detroit Lions fans.

I should be taking your emails and tweets about the upcoming matchups, but instead we’re stuck listening to a bunch of complaints about that controversial non-call in the Lions-Cowboys game last Sunday. Looks like we’re going with a themed mailbag this week! Remember, if you want your thoughts featured here, fire off an email to, tweet us using #FoxMailbag, or just tweet me @RealSidSaraf.



I can totally relate, Lydie (may I call you Lydie?). I’m a Dodgers fan. Sure, they’ve won some playoff games here and there, but they always know how to kick you in the crotch right when you start to believe in greatness. Meanwhile, the stupid Giants just keep piling up the titles. But hey, at least we have the highest payroll in baseball!

Sucks to be us, right?


Well, duh! Do you think Lydia would have any complaints if she wasn’t a Lions fan? There isn’t a Cowboys fan in existence who would say, "You know, that non-call ruined that win. I, I, I just won’t be able to sleep tonight because of this."

Leave Lydia alone. She needs to mourn right now.


This is how the battle lines have been drawn on this issue. That non-call was Lion Nation’s Benghazi. And Cowboys fans are on MSNBC right now pleading for everyone to worry about something real. This is actually kind of entertaining.


Really? The worst sequence in history, he says? Well, Ryan, do you remember THIS:

Don’t be a prisoner of the moment. Referees have been systematically bungling the game of football for decades.

And by the way, I empathize with them. It’s real easy to see the field clearly when you’re sitting on your couch with one sock on and your fifth drink of the evening resting on your beer gut. These poor people have to make split-second decisions with thousands of people in their face in the stadium and millions more watching on TV.

Mistakes will be made, guaranteed. What’s more, that Seahawks-Packers call was worse. Way worse.


Sorry, Lions fans, Deztwin couldn’t be more correct. What people seem to be forgetting is that the Lions were leading when that flag was picked up.

They decided not to go for it on fourth-and-1 at midfield against a swiss cheese Cowboys defense and instead went ahead with a punt that netted 10 yards. Then, they did indeed give up the winning score . . . with help from a holding penalty on Dallas that wasn’t called during a critical fourth down.

Actually, the more I talk about it, the more I think the Lions did get screwed.


Sorry, Paul. Here’s my advice:


We’re sticking on the same topic, but we’re giving all the Agent Mulders of the world their chance to shine.


Hey, you forgot to change that first "s" to a "z". And whenever someone launches a barrage of capital letters at me, this is my only response:

Aaron Rodgers=MVP,

Listen here, Superfan No. 12, I won’t have you disparage The Association. As a proud Lakers fan, I can assure everyone that nothing untoward has ever happened on the hardwood.

(Editor’s Addition):


Oh, shutup! Stupid editors with their stupid faces always ruining everything . . .


It’s always interesting to see when people go over the line. The NFL has had several ugly incidents go down over the past year, but that non-call was what pushed Joshua off the NFL bandwagon.

I get it though. I’m the same way. It’s never the major things that make me lose it. For example: My car can get towed and I’ll be fine. Then, I could get fired and still chalk it up to "Hey, things happen sometimes."

However, if my car gets towed, I lose my job . . . and then I realize that I’m out of ice cream sandwiches?


Oh, yes. Will someone pleeeeeaaase think about Tony Romo?! But, props on having the same name as the kid from "A Bronx Tale". Remember, the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.


John, all the computers in the world are only as good as the people operating them (oooh, that sounded profound!). It does no good to have every high-tech camera and piece of recording equipment out there, if this is the person in charge:



Bledsoe? Not sure if you’re being funny or you just don’t know. I’m going to assume it’s the former.

And it’s not funny. Drew Bledsoe is a great man.

Maria wrote,

I am a devoted Christian, I have been touched by God to donate my inheritance to you for the good work of God rather than allow my greedy relatives to use my husband’s hard earned funds in ungodly way.

You don’t want to give me that money. There’s an excellent chance I’ll use it in an ungodly way, as well.

Alrighty, I think we’ve had enough complaining for one week. See you next week!