VIDEO: Daniel Tosh rips into ‘tainted’ New England Patriots legacy

A lot of people have taken shots at the Patriots for winning the Super Bowl under the cloud of conspiracy.

Deflategate seemed to be swept under the rug amid the confetti and champagne in Arizona after the Patriots beat the Seahawks, 28-24, to claim their fourth title in the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era.

Well, not everyone has forgotten about it 18 days later. Comedian Daniel Tosh, on his show Tosh.0, eviscerated the Patriots on Wednesday night. Granted, he admits to being a "bitter Dolphins" fan, but he leaves no stone unturned, ripping Brady, owner Robert Kraft and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

How exactly did Deflategate get overlooked? According to Tosh, "It helps when your cradle-robbing owner has a weekly slumber party with the commissioner."

That’s not even the high heat. Check out the full clip below (except maybe if you’re a Patriots fan and want to keep your ear muffs on):