TBT: Michael Irvin’s career ended against Eagles — and their fans cheered

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles will play for the 113th time in their history on Sunday, and even though this rivalry has always had its highs and lows, one of its more ignominious moments came on Oct. 10, 1999.

This ended up being Michael Irvin’s last game — at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. Irvin caught a pass from Troy Aikman and sustained a spinal cord injury.

As he was being wheeled off on a stretcher, a portion of Eagles fans cheered — it was the last applause Irvin would ever get on the field, and for all Eagles fans knew, he could have suffered a serious neck injury. None of that bothered Irvin, he said years later.

"It was a compliment for Philly to cheer me,” said Irvin, who later learned that a narrowing of the spinal column made it too dangerous for him to continue his career. "Philly wasn’t cheering my injury. They were cheering my departure.

"Thank God he’s leaving the field, he’s been killing us. Thank God, maybe now we have a chance to win.

"You’ve never heard me say one negative thing about the Philadelphia crowd.”

Here’s the photo from the injury, our #TBT of the week:

Dallas Cowboys WR Michael Irvin is on the ground after being injured on a pass play in the first quarter.