Connor Barwin bids Houston a very sappy goodbye

People change jobs. The offer of more money and possibly a better career opportunity forces us to make the tough decision of leaving a place we might love. That being said … Connor Barwin, we need to talk.

You just got a nice contract from the Eagles, which means it’s time to say goodbye to Houston, your home for five seasons. OK, it happens. And we also understand you’d like to bid the fine citizens of Houston a most heartfelt farewell by chopping out a sweet tweet. We get that.


You’re gonna have to explain this.


Allow me to quote Seth Myers and ask: Really? This is the song you felt was appropriate for this situation? Really? What is this, the early 90s?

Oh, but he’s not done yet. Since he’s going to Philadelphia, Connor then sent out this:


That’s two Boyz II Men references in two tweets. The only thing that would make it worse if he added this to make a trio.