Kaepernick finally unloads on Sherman: ‘He’s afraid’

Just in case you’re wondering, Colin Kaepernick is upset.

The 49ers quarterback shot back at Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman about the latter’s antics at the NFC Championship Game. After Sherman tipped a Kaepernick pass that was intercepted and clinched the win for Seattle, Sherman gave a "choke sign" aimed at the quarterback.

Well, that didn’t sit well with Kaepernick, and he said as much in an interview on FOX Sports 1’s "Afternoon Huddle," calling Sherman’s postgame comments "ridiculous" and "absurd." You can watch a portion of his interview in the video above.

"It was a little ridiculous," Kaepernick told the "Huddle" crew. "Everyone’s seen what (Michael) Crabtree has done for us and our team, and to say he’s a mediocre receiver is absurd."

Wow, shots fired.

Earlier, Kaepernick also suggested to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post that Sherman is just scared:

Listen, the QB’s comments are understandable. Losing hurts in the worst way, especially on the grand stage. It makes it worse when you’re facing an opponent who apparently has no qualms about proclaiming his greatness, either earned or not.

Kaepernick will no doubt carry this hurt into the offseason, and I’m sure it will motivate him even more. That’s a good thing. Everyone needs a little fuel sometimes.

That being said, it’s pretty easy to imagine what Sherman would have to say to Kaepernick in return: