Devon Still and daughter Leah pen book about pediatric cancer

Leah Still’s battle with pediatric cancer is ongoing, but she’s ready to give back.

She and her father — Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still — have released a book to help children get a better understanding of the disease, the NFLPA announced on Thursday.

The book is titled "I am Leah Strong" and some of the proceeds from the sales will go to help families dealing with pediatric cancer.

"After having numerous families contact me for advice on how to deal with fighting pediatric cancer and seeing the amount of kids that follow Leah’s story, Leah and I decided to write a children’s book that talks about Leah’s fight," Still said in a statement released by the NFLPA.

Leah Still, although in remission from the disease, went in for a stem cell transplant on Tuesday. She looks to be in fighting spirit.

Just got to the hospital ready to start Leah's stem cell transplant. For those who don't know what a stem cell transplant is, it's an inpatient procedure that last about 4-6 weeks were patients receive high dosage chemo in order to destroy their damaged or cancerous cells in the body and rebuild new ones. It's a very serious, scary and long treatment but it is a step in the right direction. I'm definitely nervous about this because of the unknown of how her body with react and all the risk that come with the procedure but as you can see Leah is ready and I will gain my strength through her like I have since the beginning. Please send up a prayer for her! #LeahStrong Also I noticed the concerned comments on other post asking why Leah is still doing treatments if she's in remission. Remission basically means that doctors can't see any cancerous cells when looking at scans and test. But when studying cancer you know that although you can't see any cancer cells on scans, physicals, or test because of the strength of the technology, more than likely there are cells hiding.

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