Broncos fans want all Ravens signs taken down now!

By Sid Saraf,

Broncos fans aren’t happy. And when Broncos fans are unhappy, they create petitions and ask for change.

Here’s the deal: The defending champion Baltimore Ravens are opening the 2013 NFL regular season against the Denver Broncos. Usually, the Super Bowl winners get to play in front of their home fans, but a scheduling conflict with MLB’s Baltimore Orioles forced the Ravens to play their first game on the road. What a bummer.

So, the NFL, being a fair-minded organization, decided to play it straight down the middle. They put up signs in and around Denver, touting the NFL’s kickoff game. They also included a banner sign on Sports Authority Field (the Broncos home base) with a picture of Baltimore QB Joe Flacco. Oh, boy.

Well, that just doesn’t sit well with whiny Broncos Nation. In fact, a faction of fanatics took to to file a petition to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. And I quote:

Take the Joe Flacco signage off my Mile High Stadium! Broncos Nation will not endure this detestable and audacious act. Who in their right mind thought that we would just let this fly?! We stand united against your unbearable Joe Flacco signage.

So far, 324 people have signed the petition, but there’s plenty of time left for people to hop on the bandwagon.

It gets worse.

Local Denver sports reporter Vic Lombardi can’t stand looking at banners of Joe Flacco hung around downtown Denver and decided to do something about it. According to Deadspin, Lombardi wasted time attaching strips of duct tape to at least one banner, which probably was the highlight of his afternoon.

Honestly, people … get over yourselves. It’s a friggin banner. Just shut up.