Bill Cowher plays bizarre role, wears eye liner in girlfriend’s music video

By Andy Nesbitt,

Oh the things we’ll do for love.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher has taken it to a whole new – and surprising – level with his bizarre role in his girlfriend’s new rock video.

Cowher has been rumored to be dating “Queen V,” who recently put out an album called “The Decade of Queen V.”

Let’s dive into this video. shall we?

Yup, this is coach Cowher wearing eye shadow and some cloth outfit. Allow this GIF (courtesy of to creep you out for a minute or two.

Cowher spends most of his time in the video standing guard over a chess match between his girlfriend and some mean looking dude from the 1800s(?).

It’s a good thing he was standing guard, too, because things got a little physical at the end of the match. Cowher acted quickly, however, and took things into his own hands, literally:

While he isn’t on screen very much, Cowher’s role in the video is must-see. It’s awesome to see a man who was so intense on the sidelines have a little fun in a totally different setting than what we’re used to seeing him in.

So check out the video and get ready to have the song stuck in your head for quite some time. We apologize for that in advance.