Bids? One Ravens Super Bowl ring is already up for sale

The ring Berry put up for sale looks exactly like this one.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Everyone makes a big deal about Super Bowl rings. We’ve seen countless players recount their struggles to obtain that precious piece of jewelry which they guard with their lives.

But, to some people, the ring holds no special meaning. It’s just … a ring. When it comes to former Ravens running back Damien Berry, maybe he feels it’s time to let it go.

Berry’s ring is one of 12 championship rings that will put up for bids on Jan. 13. The ring is 3.75 carats with 243 round cut diamonds. That’s going to bring in some serious moolah. But why would Berry get rid of it?

It could be because he never played a down for the Ravens. He arrived in Baltimore as an undrafted free agent in 2011 and spent the season on the practice squad. Then during the Ravens’ Super Bowl season of 2012, he was on injured reserve but was still given a championship ring. He then was released by the team on Aug. 25, before the 2013 regular season started.

So, he really didn’t have much to do with "earning" the ring, per se. I can see why he’d want to get a few bucks for it. Actually, quite a few bucks.

Makes sense, right?

(H/T to Yahoo! for the story)