Deflategate: Best part of the Tom Brady press conference? The MEMES!

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick each got their turns at the podium on Thursday.

The New England Patriots’ star quarterback and head coach gave the media their versions of the "Deflategate" controversy. No big shock, but both of them denied having any involvement with under-inflating footballs during the AFC championship game.

What was the best part of all this? Was it a sense of closure? Was it the fact we got two seemingly believable explanations? Nope.

It’s the MEMES!

One man went with Pinocchio:

Rich Eisen channeled Allen Iverson:

Did you ever see "Love Actually"?

How about "Toy Story"?

"Saturday Night Live"?


Nothing is complete without a "Simpsons" reference:

This made us LOL:

So did this:

And finally, for those of us who couldn’t get through all this ball talk without giggling like schoolchildren, we present: