Who is the best pass catcher of all time? You told us

Of the most hotly contested debates over the greatest NFL player at each position, wide receiver is usually a no-brainer.

But in the third part of our best-of-all-time series, the fan vote over the best pass catcher of all time came down to two legendary wide receivers who wore No. 80 — and this was a bit of a nail-biter.

In our best pass-catcher of all time bracket, where tight ends and wide receivers went after the title, Jerry Rice and Steve Largent made the final. Rice, regarded in most circles as the best receiver of all time, made many catches look easy in his day, but this victory did not come easy.

Rice, most known for his legendary run with the 49ers, edged Largent — the Seattle Seahawks great — by getting just 52 percent of your vote in the final round.


Rice had beaten Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss to get to the final. Largent, a bit of an upstart in this bracket, edged Paul Warfield, James Lofton and Michael Irvin.

Rice, who played from 1985 to 2004, is the all-time leader in receptions (1,549), receiving yards (22,859) and receiving touchdown (197). Largent, who played from 1976 to 1989, retired with six major career pass receiving records — most receptions (819), most consecutive games with a reception (177), most yards on receptions (13,089), most touchdowns on receptions (100), most seasons with 50 or more receptions (10) and most seasons with 1,000 yards or more on receptions (8).

Either way, your votes made Rice the next in our continuing series. For full results of the bracket, click here

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Quarterback: Tom Brady

Running back: Walter Payton