Arian Foster has just discovered life’s one true gift: BACON!!

Isn't bacon great?

Denny Medley/Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster, you must like Luke Skywalker. Because just like the budding Jedi Knight on the Millennium Falcon, you’ve taken your first step into a new world.

The Texans star running back was a strict vegan for quite some time, however he’s backed off a bit over the past year and has allowed himself to experiment a little. Well, he recently just discovered something glorious and it has literally changed his world.


Let him describe it himself:

Arian doesn’t know the door he’s opened. Wait until he tries a bacon cheeseburger. Or bacon-wrapped steak and bacon-wrapped chicken! Bacon on pizza! Bacon-wrapped dates! Trust me, the last one is amazing.

Exciting stuff.