NFL player says he’ll make more money in art career than in football

Aaron Maybin was one of the stars of the third episode of ‘Hard Knocks’ on Tuesday night, but he probably wishes it was under different circumstances.


The linebacker, who was selected No. 11 overall by the Bills in the 2009 NFL Draft, was cut by the Bengals and it was all captured by HBO’s cameras.

He took the news pretty well, though, telling Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis: “I understand. I’ve been in the game long enough to know how it goes.”

His dismissal from the team might not have been all bad news for Maybin. He’s an artist in his free time and says sales for his work have skyrocketed since HBO showed him working on two paintings during the third episode.

Maybin told TMZ that after the show aired he had “one of, if not THE biggest nights” of sales.

He also told TMZ: “Regardless of whatever happens football-wise, I’m probably gonna make more money in my art career.”

What’s Maybin like as an artist? Check out some of his work below. Pretty cool stuff.