Skip Bayless reminds us why LeBron James will never be Michael Jordan

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James tying Michael Jordan's record of 866 consecutive games with 10+ points, noting that despite the totality of The King's achievements, he is still light-years away from Michael Jordan.

- The logic of this is completely escaping me. So forgive me for this. Maybe this is way over my head. But why would LeBron want to take it out on a man who's one of the worst team builders in the history of sports?

- The same reason people want to take it out on Lonzo-- because they can't get to LeVar, so we'll punish your son.


SHANNON SHARPE: I can't to you, so I'll punish your teams.

- Shannon Sharpe--


- --once on this show-- even one time-- have I ever said that Michael Jeffrey Jordan was a great team builder--


SKIP BAYLESS: --a great GM, a great owner, a great personnel director, a great picker of players?

- No.

- Have I ever said that?

- No.

- Michael Jeffrey Jordan has owned and operated this franchise for 12 years now-- the Charlotte franchise-- Bobcats and Hornets. In 12 years, it has made the playoffs all of three times, and it is never ever won a single playoff series. That's how bad he's been as the owner and operator of the now Hornets.

So the logic escapes me that LeBron is going to take it out on Michael Jordan's sorry basketball team that, once again this year, is not going to make the Eastern Conference playoffs. Help me out. I don't get it.

SHANNON SHARPE: OK, how about this?

- At least Ernie Terrell could try to defend himself in the ring. Michael can't defend himself on the basketball court.

- If you see me up close and personal and you see what I do, you see what I bring to the table-- the scoring, the rebounding, the assists--

- Against that sorry Hornets team?

- Against everybody! You make it seem like he just did this against them! Do you remember what he did against Minnesota, Skip?

- I don't care about Minnesota. I care about what he keeps doing at Charlotte. He now has nine 30-plus point games in Charlotte against the sorry Bobcat slush [INAUDIBLE].

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, now they're sorry.

- Sorry? This is beyond sorry. This is, like, the worst franchise in basketball over a span of 12 years.

- OK, what about when he dropped that 38, eight, and eight on the Thunder? Are they sorry?

- Well, what does that have to do with what happened last night?

- You keep saying that--

- This was all about Jordan. It's as if LeBron has decided, I can go in and score-- what did he end up with-- 40 points?

- Oh, you know what he ended up at!

- I don't know what he scored.

- Yes, he hit 41.

- I turned it off.

- Why?

- Because I couldn't watch it anymore because it doesn't matter. Whatever LeBron can do-- score 41 on Michael's team-- has nothing to do with how good or bad Michael was as a basketball player. Because clearly, everybody knows-- except you-- that Michael Jeffrey Jordan was the GOAT. He was the greatest of all time. In fact--

- I like the way you said that-- was. He was!

- Is!

- No, you said was!

- And LeBron James-- what does Stephen Jackson always say? He's the only superstar who has to keep telling you how great he is. LeBron James had to proclaim himself the king coming out of high school, when we all knew we already had a king. We had Michael Jordan.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, we didn't.

- He was the king. He is the king. He will always be the king.

- No, no, no.

- The king is Michael Jordan. He owns a bad basketball team. But that has nothing to do with his legacy as a basketball player. Because it's not even close.

- It is close. It's closer than--

- So that did it last night-- 41 put him over the top?

- No. No, no, no, no, Skip. When you look in your side view mirror, what does it say? Objects are closer than they appear. He is closer than you thought!

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, really?

- Yeah!

- So that forces me, once again, to remind the blind witnesses out there, led by "LeShannon" Sharpe, that Michael Jeffrey Jordan, in the NBA finals, was 6 and 0, with six MVPs. piece Currently, LeBron James is three and five in the NBA finals--

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, three and five.

- --about to be three and six, it looks like, to me. But who knows? And I want to remind everybody that it took LeBron into the end of his ninth year before he won his first ring. And you always say, how long did it take Michael?

SHANNON SHARPE: How long did it take Michael?

- Seven! Seven! So it's seven to nine. So Michael broke through two years before LeBron broke through. And then--

- How old was LeBron when he won his first time?

- Well, he started much earlier than Michael.

- Oh, wait. That--

- Michael had to go to North Carolina for three years. But that's a whole nother thing.

- Say it again. He had to do what?

- Go to North Carolina for three years. But when Michael did break through at the end of his seventh year, he won three in a row. Then he was forced to take almost two full years off. Then he came back and won three in a row more.

In LeBron's career, the most he's won is two in a row. And the only reason he won the second was because Ray Allen saved his legacy--

SHANNON SHARPE: No, he didn't.

- --and his behind--


- --by making the greatest clutch shot in the history of basketball after LeBron James had missed the three to tie in game six in Miami.