Would Celtics be better off if they missed the playoffs?

The Boston Celtics made a remarkable run to the playoffs before getting creamed by the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that went on to win the Eastern Conference this season. 

How should Boston weigh that achievement against the alternative some fans wanted: missing the postseason, entering the lottery and landing a higher draft pick?

Here's CelticsHub's Harrison Chase with more:

"The notion that playing in the postseason can be a valuable experience is nothing new. But now, much to Charles Barkley's dismay, I have done a little study (full version can be found here) and backed up this idea with numbers. After controlling for a variety of things, I found a statistically significant increase in a young player’s progression after making the postseason in a season. Put plainly, this means that after making the playoffs, players will progress at a rate quicker than otherwise. This is important for the Celtics seeing as how they both made the playoffs and have a lot of young players."

Some will always believe Boston's "decision" to make the playoffs had an arbitrary impact on its roster of young talent. But this study deserves a close look. We'll never know what would've happened if they landed in the lottery for a second straight season, but it's a sad time when winning gets frowned upon.

(h/t: CelticsHub)

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark Duncan