Win In 6 Podcast #91: The Great Jabari Parker Debate

In the latest edition of our Milwaukee Bucks’ Win In 6 Podcast, we dive into the heart of the Jabari Parker debate that has been dividing Bucks fans of late.

It’s that time of week again as our team gets together to discuss the latest Milwaukee Bucks‘ news and most important conversation points in our “Win In 6 Podcast”!

Having dipped our toes in the murky waters of one of the most divisive issues among Bucks fans in last week’s episode, as well as in roundtable posts and articles this week, we decided it was finally time to commit to the great Jabari Parker debate of 2016.

Not interested in taking sides in terms of a pro or anti-Jabari argument (trust me, this is the kind of strange language that exists for proclaiming yourself as part of one faction or the other now), we discussed Parker’s numbers this year, how he’s meshing with his teammates and the stage he should be at in his development.

Rather than coming down definitively on what Jabari is or isn’t, among countless comparisons, details and asides, for the most part we stressed that it’s still too soon to make significant decisions on Parker.

Much like so much else with the Bucks, it will pay to be patient rather than just jumping to irrational or over-excited deals thanks to a very minor taste of relevance (see the summer of 2014-15 for further evidence).

Away from Jabari, we also talked about Malcolm Brogdon‘s exceptional play and how valuable he can be to the team in the longer term, as well as what Tony Snell needs to do for the Bucks to bring him back next year.

As usual, our mailbag was on hand to wrap things up too, with questions on back-to-backs, John Henson and All-Defensive Teams.

Joining me for this week’s episode, as usual, was contributor and podcasting phenomenon Jordan Treske.

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