Wikipedia lists LeBron as Bulls owner for a day

Apparently LeBron doesn't just play well in the United Center, but also owns it?

Nam Y. Huh/AP

Self-publication is a hell of a thing. It's a big part of what's made Wikipedia and other crowd-sourced sections of the internet so rich with knowledge. In many instances, the site feels like the epitome of democratized information.

Other times, however, sly devils sneak into their pages to play a big goof on us all. That's what happened for a moment yesterday, when LeBron James was listed as the owner of the Chicago Bulls on the team's Wiki page for a while:

In fairness to Mr. James, his Cleveland Cavaliers did put a true spanking on the Bulls. Sending them out of the playoffs with a 94-73 win at the United Center Thursday night, LeBron's latest squad is far from the first iteration of Bulls-killers he's led before. This was the third time in five years that he made a Tom Thibodeau roster go home for the summer.