Why the Kings should trade Rudy Gay for Ryan Anderson

Should the Kings trade away Rudy Gay in exchange for Ryan Anderson?
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By Jarren Murillo

Over the offseason, the Sacramento Kings considered putting some of their key players on the trading block. DeMarcus Cousins was rumored to be on the move in the offseason, but that rumor soon died off. However, Rudy Gay has been in several trade talks over the past couple of years and now that opportunities are arising, the Kings may go through with trading him.

There have been talks that the New Orleans Pelicans are interested in trading for Gay. According to rumors, the Pelicans are willing to trade either Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon or Ryan Anderson for Rudy Gay. Ryan Anderson has been the most talked about option in the trade talks. If the Kings do make a deal with the Pelicans, Anderson would be the best player the Kings could receive. Evans and Gordon are great players, but Anderson would be a better fit for the Kings.

With Rajon Rondo being the primary ball handler, adding Evans into the mix would not fair well for the Kings. Evans is a point forward and likes to handle the ball more often than Gay does. As we saw in Dallas, Rondo cannot thrive if he has to share touches with another ball handler. The production of both Evans and Rondo will suffer if both are paired together.

As for Gordon, he just isn’t as good of a player as he used to be. If the Kings trade for him, the Pelicans would also throw Alonzo Gee into the mix. The addition of both Gee and Gordon would give the Kings a little more depth, but the Kings are in need of a power forward. That is why Anderson would be the better fit for the Kings.

The Kings could be looking at a starting lineup of Rajon Rondo, Ben McLemore, Omri Casspi, Ryan Anderson and DeMarcus Cousins. With the emergence of Casspi, Gay has somewhat become expendable. The Kings are lacking in the power forward department, and the addition of Anderson would help a lot. Anderson’s ability to shoot the ball will help spread the floor and clear up the paint where Cousins can dominate the inside. Rondo will have more opportunities to make plays and have more options to pass to.

Anderson has the ability to score, so the lack of offense will not be an issue if Gay is traded away. He can also rebound the ball when called upon. With Anderson being a shooter, he can draw rebounders away from the paint as well as post up smaller players on mismatches.

However, even though it makes sense for the Kings to make this trade, it just doesn’t seem like a good trade for the Pelicans. In fact, I don’t think it is wise for the Pelicans to make a trade for Gay. Like the Kings, the Pelicans are lacking power forwards and it would be unwise for them to trade Anderson. Gay will not be able to thrive in New Orleans if Evans and Jrue Holiday are still going to be a part of the team. In fact, a starting lineup of Holiday, Gordon, Evans, Gay and Anthony Davis is great on paper, but that starting lineup will not be able to thrive. I don’t see the Pelicans trading Ryan Anderson away, but if the opportunity arises, the Kings should not hesitate to agree to the trade.

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