What salary cap? Pat Riley gave Goran Dragic $20 at press conference

Pat Riley took care of Goran Dragic on Thursday.

Al Diaz/AP

The Miami Heat have had one solid offseason so far, and getting Goran Dragic back was a big part of that.

It’s more than the fact that Dragic will be a member of the Heat moving forward; he also took a considerable pay cut to stay in Miami, taking a deal over five years that paid him almost the same amount that another team could have offered at the max over four years.

It’s something that Dragic brought up at his press conference on Thursday, officially announcing his re-signing. He said he was raised to believe that "money is not everything." Still, everyone appreciates being paid what they deserve. So when Dragic talked about his financial sacrifice, Pat Riley responded by upping the ante with a (probably crisp) $20 bill:

And that, friends, is why they call Riley "The Godfather" down in South Florida.


Photo Credit: Al Diaz/AP