We’re Keeping Joel Anthony Around

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Spurs have signed 34-year old Center Joel Anthony for the rest of the season.

Spurs fans know him as well as anyone outside of Miami, so we are glad to strengthen the Post-Duncan backcourt with a defensive-oriented guy like Anthony. He’ll be great for us in blowouts and losses, allowing Pop to sit some of the higher rotation guys.

By all accounts, Anthony is a well-loved teammate, and a big body to throw around for fouls and charges. I anticipate he will be used in this way primarily, even though he has been mopping up boards in limited time (14.2 Total Rebounds per 100 possessions). I also think he might be a target of one of those exceptionally high Draymond Green Rockettes kicks in the postseason.

Depth is needed in the frontcourt, where inexperience with the Spurs system is rampant.

With Pau Gasol still out indefinitely, the Spurs have been running the 5 by committee. Dewayne Dedmon has earned the start, and has shined in the role. He has had 4 out of his 7 total career double-doubles since the first of the year. His 17-point, 17-rebound game against the Pistons on Friday night was especially impressive.

David Lee has also been a solid option off the bench. He has been a two-way powerhouse, unafraid to do the dirty work. He is playing for his future in San Antonio, and he is looking like he will stick.
The Spurs had their hand forced a bit, as well. NBA rules only allow for two in an individual season, and his second just expired. As always, terms of the deal have not been released as of yet, but be sure they’ll be out soon and he will have been had for a pittance.

It’s just the Spurs way. Always has been, always will be. And on with the Rodeo Road Trip!

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