We Missed You: An Open Letter to the Clippers’ Blake Griffin

67 regular season games. That’s how much time Blake Griffin has missed between this year and the last. But now he’s back for the Clippers and he looks better than ever.

The LA Clippers went 49 regular season games without a single player scoring 30 points, the longest drought in the league. But that was then, and this is now. In the last 5 games, Blake Griffin has done it twice. So Blake, it’s time for us all to admit it:

We Missed You

We missed your relentless ability to take players off the dribble, despite you being the size of a small train.

We missed your high-flying, acrobatic dunks, your fearless, impossible and-one finishing in transition.

We missed your pin-point, behind the back, 360 double-backflip lob passes (not quite, but you get the picture).

Most of all, we missed the thrill and excitement of cheering for you. The stomach-churning nerves when you crash to the floor. The huge reassuring smile of support when you’re on the bench watching the rest of the team. We missed you, because you are one of our own.

Credit: NBA.com

Credit: NBA.com

Our History Together

We drafted you, watched you grow from a mid-western kid with a questionable haircut and jean-shorts, to an All-NBA, Slam Dunk Champion.

We watched you become the first ever Sooner to be selected #1 overall. We watched you become only the second rookie to be selected as an All-Star in the last 17 years.

We’ve celebrated your success as if it was our own, and we’ve fought through your adversity side by side.

We’ve felt the pain of your injuries. We waited patiently as your rookie season was over before it had even begun. We followed you, as you lead this franchise out of the deep, dark hole of the past into a much brighter, hopeful future.

We need you to continue giving everything that you have for this franchise.

We saw you immortalized on the cover of NBA 2K13, and in those KIA commercials that everyone loves. Speaking of KIA, we watched you jump over a car and dunk a basketball. Not many other fan bases can say that.

Fans counted on you again and again to carry the team in the absence of others, and you delivered. We saw you recognized for a historic season, finishing third in MVP voting.

We watched you terrorize the San Antonio Spurs in what might be the greatest 1st round playoff series ever, and then go on to put up 3 triple-doubles against Houston.

But most importantly, we stuck with you at the lowest point of your career. Despite the news headlines, media stories, trade rumours and all of the subsequent punishment that came with it, we remained hopeful.

We saw a team break the franchise record for best start to a season, and then the fall from grace that came with it.

And now, we look to you, in the wake of injuries to once again lead us

Take over games. Be the 6’10” 250lbs star point guard, the playmaker, the scorer, the defender, the leader that we need.

Most of all, we need you to continue giving everything that you have for this franchise. For your team-mates, your coaches, and your fans. Because as long as you do, we’ll give everything we have in return.

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