Watch Stephen Curry make a defender look absolutely silly before draining a corner ‘3’

Stephen Curry shoots the ball at such a high percentage that defenders tend to over-play his 3-point shot. It’s not a bad strategy necessarily, especially when a big man like Washington’s Marcin Gortat gets switched onto Curry, and Steph is, in all likelihood, going to try to get a quick shot up over him — especially from 3-point distance.

But in this particular possession, Curry was simply way too smart. He knew this would be Gortat’s plan all along, and once he got his defender in the air, he used a ball fake to fool Gortat into thinking the ball would be going somewhere else.

This is similar to crossover-dribble highlights, in that they’re not worth discussing unless the shot was made. Thankfully, Curry came through — just as he’s done from beyond the arc more than 300 times in this NBA season.