LeBron James on nearly crashing into Bill Belichick: ‘I’m not taking no legend out’

It was the marquee game on the NBA slate Wednesday night so it wasn’t too surprising to see Bill Belichick at the Cavs-Celtics game. But the New England Patriots head coach did get an unexpected visit from LeBron James.

As the Super Bowl-winning coach took in the game from his seat under the rim, James nearly fell into his lap as the Cavs superstar tried to chase down a rebound.

At first glance, it looked like LeBron didn’t recognize Belichick, appearing to be more concerned about getting back on defense. But after the game, James said he slowed up just before running into Belichick because he knew who it was.

“I definitely slowed up because I knew it was him,” James told reporters. “I’m not taking no legend out.”

LeBron took to Twitter after the game to show even more respect to Belichick.