Watch Drake hit a crazy halfcourt shot from his back

Drake is a prominent fixture in the NBA community. He’s frequently spotted courtside at games, especially in his hometown of Toronto, where he serves as as global ambassador for the team … whatever that means.

But as far as his own personal basketball skills on the court, the jury is still out on that. We’ve seen the musician throw up an embarrassing airball during warmups at Kentucky, which he’s probably still trying to recover from. The video he posted to Instagram on Thursday might be a good start.

FOR THE KIA!!!!! @highlighthub @bleacherreport

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In it, Drake is lying down in the middle of an Atlanta Hawks court, where he pulls off a halfcourt shot from his back. Assuming there’s no video trickery involved, that’s a pretty impressive feat, regardless of how many tries it took him to nail it. And to top it all off, he delivered a patented ol’ Drake mean mug straight into the camera like he’s a baller who’s been there before.

Now, if he could only manage to scrub that Kentucky airball from the Internet …