Wizards’ 3-point defense borders on worst in NBA history

Washington's defense is an abomination.
Brad Mills

The Washington Wizards are having an abysmal season. Their offense is ineffective, players up and down their roster keep getting hurt and their small-ball lineups haven't made much of a difference. 

But the worst part is their three-point defense. 

Here's more on the Wizards' historic awfulness, per The Washington Post:

Washington won't make the playoffs unless they start shutting teams down from behind the three-point line. 

It's arguably their first priority on a long list of problems, and given the overall athleticism of their personnel, it's entirely inexcusable.

In all, Washington’s opponents have shot 41.1 percent on 25.4 three-point attempts per game this season. No team has ever allowed opponents to shoot that high of a percentage on that many attempts over the course of an entire campaign. The next closest is the 2013-14 Cleveland Cavaliers, who had foes shoot 36.7 percent on 25.4 tries per game. The lack of resistance has been the chief reason Washington is ranked 25th in the NBA in defensive rating after finishing fifth last season.

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