Martell Webster’s blooming music career has been a long time coming

Martell Webster loves basketball, but he may love music even more.
Carolyn Kaster/AP

Washington Wizards forward Martell Webster hasn't experienced much joy on the court lately. He spent most of last season recovering from a serious back injury, and barely looked like himself in the 352 minutes he did play (not including four in the playoffs). 

But the 28-year-old Seattle native's passion extends beyond the game of basketball. He loves music, and recently took the stage in Portland to perform live for the very first time. The Washington Post has more on Webster's blossoming second career right here:

Webster is finally healthy, and as a versatile three-point shooter should find a spot in Randy Wittman's rotation this year. 

But outside basketball his mind is clear. Webster has a few ideas about what he wants to do with his life after his playing career ends, and that day may arrive sooner than later

“As complex and confusing as that may sound, basketball is rhythm. Music is rhythm. So, it’s at balance,” Webster says. “I think without that rhythm of music then it kind of throws off the rhythm of basketball if you think about it, because we all listen to music before we play a sport. Some of us may not, but most of us do. It puts us in a rhythm. Music will fit in my life the same way it’s always fit in my life.”

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