Watch the Wizards fool Miami on this alley-oop dunk

Gortat is more athletic than you think.
Mark Duncan/AP

In a season that might already be lost, Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat is a shining light. The 31-year-old has only missed six games all year, and is having his best statistical season since 2012. 

Not known for above-the-rim flash, Gortat is also good for the occasional dunk every once in a while. 

Somehow, the Miami Heat lose track of the 6’11" Gortat and let him loose for an easy catch. Actually, maybe that’s not fair. Wizards guard Garrett Temple sets a nice back screen on Gortat’s man, Chris Bosh, which creates momentary confusion in Miami’s defense. Should Bosh and Gerald Green (Temple’s man) switch?

While they think about what they want to do, Gortat rolls right to the rim and catches the perfect pass. It’s nice action from the Wizards.