John Wall rips max contracts: ‘I’m getting the same as Reggie Jackson’

John Wall has made the All-Star team each of the past two seasons.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

NBA teams went on very expensive spending sprees during free agency. It felt like max contracts were being handed out at an alarming rate.

And one of the league’s best players took notice.

Washington Wizards All-Star point guard John Wall was shocked to see some of the players getting big money, and pointed out one example.

"People talk about me getting $80 million, now you got people getting $85 million that haven’t made the All-Star (Game) or anything like that," Wall told CSN Washington on Tuesday while watching a summer league game. "I guess they came in at the right time. That new CBA kicked in and they’re good now. Reggie Jackson gets five years, $80 million. I’m getting the same as Reggie Jackson."

On the surface, Wall does have a point. Jackson has not made an All-Star team in his first four seasons in the NBA. But Jackson was the backup point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder most of that time, playing behind one of the best point guards in the league, Russell Westbrook.

Jackson eventually was traded to the Detroit Pistons last season and in 24 games averaged 17.6 points and 9.2 assists with Detroit. Wall, a two-time All-Star, also averaged 17.6 points and 10.0 assists last season. So their stats are pretty similar after Jackson was given a starting spot.

But few would argue that Wall and Jackson are on equal footing in their careers. Wall’s frustration with the salary cap most likely will be echoed by many of the NBA’s top players when CBA negotiations begin in 2017.