Is Beal a bigger part of Washington’s new offense than Wall?

John Wall and Brad Beal are both in line for breakout campaigns.
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

Usage percentage is an advanced statistic that lets us know which players are “using” their team's possessions more often than others. That means attempting a shot, drawing a shooting foul or committing a turnover.

Most of the time, a team's best player also leads them in usage percentage. 

This preseason, Bradley Beal's has been higher than John Wall's. Here's a look from SB Nation's Bullets Forever at why this isn't anything to worry about:

Washington's new uptempo offense is designed to attack the opponent as quickly as possible. Wall's job is no longer to stand around and run high pick-and-roll after high pick-and-roll. Instead, he's here to feed teammates and let them score. 

So far, all goes according to plan.

…this change has much more to do With Wall's efficient play than it does Bradley Beal's shot selection. As a statistic, usage rate favors scorers, and as Wall continues to orchestrate this offense, his decreasing usage rate is a sign that the team's new system is working exactly as designed to allow others to finish what John Wall creates.

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