Washington Wizards Guard Tomas Satoransky Throws Down Sick Dunks During Practice (Videos)

Washington Wizards rookie Tomas Satoransky threw down two sick dunks during the team’s open practice in Richmond, Virginia.

For the Washington Wizards, Tomas Satoransky is the great unknown.

Sure, there have been whispers about his talent. He’s 6-foot-7 and plays the point guard position. Tall point guards are always intriguing. Plus, he’s from the Czech Republic and has a name that most casual fans cannot pronounce. The recipe for curiosity is there.

Ultimately, though, none of the interesting parts of Satoransky the person will matter if Satoransky the player doesn’t perform.

Now that Ramon Sessions is gone, the Wizards lack depth in the backcourt and will depend on two unproven players in Satoransky and Trey Burke.

An opportunity to play, which Satoransky didn’t have when he was originally drafted in 2012, is going to available for the 24-year-old. Washington has a coach in Scott Brooks who’s committed to helping his transition to the next level go as smoothly as it can.

The time for Satoransky to show out is now.

Training camp is underway and the timid European standout won’t have to worry about answering dozens of questions from reporters who weren’t even aware of his existence just months ago.

He’s finally going to be free to play and continue impressing his teammates as he’s been doing.

On Friday night, the Washington Wizards held an open practice for fans. Their training camp will wrap up on Saturday, so the team has given the supporters in Richmond a chance to see the team before they part ways.

Satoransky continued to impress his teammates during the practice, but he also made his presence known to the fans by completing two Sportscenter worthy jams.

After he finished the between the legs dunk, Satoransky followed it up with another impressive slam.

Satoransky is coming into the NBA as one of the tallest point guards in the league, but he could easily be labeled one of the most athletic too.

There are only a handful of players that can do what Satoransky did on Friday. More importantly, he has the skill-set to become effective. He’s not just a freak athlete, like some of his peers. His court vision and improved outside shot, coupled with his ridiculous leaping ability, could make him one of the best backup guards in the NBA.

Satoransky will go through an adjustment period, but there are reasons to become irrationally excited about him. At 6-foot-7, Satoransky has the length to share the court with John Wall and Bradley Beal in spurts. The sky is the limit for Air Sato.

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