Payton caused A.I.’s ‘practice’ rant?

Allen Iverson is retiring. Which is an announcement we may or may not have needed.

In honor of his departure, FOX Sports Live spent some time Wednesday night discussing the 11-time NBA All-Star.

Gary Payton — a legendary NBA point guard himself — took center stage in the discussion. And he revealed quite the gem. Payton says he was essentially responsible for Allen Iverson’s infamous "We talkin’ about practice!" rant.

How? See for yourself, starting at the 2:30 mark:

The story goes that Payton and Iverson were hanging out one night and Iverson asked Payton how he keeps his body in such good shape.

"My coach George Karl didn’t let me practice," Payton replied. "So that was it. You have to stop practicing."

Some unclear amount of time later, the world was treated to this press conference that shall forever live in infamy:

FOX Sports Live panelist Andy Roddick then asked Payton how he felt after seeing that timeless Iverson moment.

"Oh, not this! Don’t say it like that, Allen!"

Payton also said that Larry Brown, who was Iverson’s coach at the time, came to him after the fact and said, "Look what you created."

"I should’ve just said, ‘Coach, I was drunk,’" Payton said.

Now you know the truth behind The Answer.