Warriors’ incredible alley-oop could be play of the year (VIDEO)

The Golden State Warriors’ MVPs Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant combined with Draymond Green for an incredibly jaw-dropping alley-oop.

Klay Thompson scored 60 points in historic fashion. He electrified Oracle Arena with his array of reverse layups and smooth three-pointers. He re-wrote the record books by becoming the only player to ever reach that amount of points while staying under 30 minutes of action.

Thompson was brilliant. There were some rumblings that Golden State should trade him after he struggled to shoot the ball early in the season. He completely silenced all of the naysayers after that performance.

What makes the Warriors unique is that they have special talent all over the floor. Their stars aren’t only freakishly good, they’re extremely creative as well. They know how to improvise and showcase their individual excellence.

Klay Thompson was the star of the night by far. This was probably the best individual performance we’ll see all year (sorry Kevin Love). He was magnificent and the best play of the night wasn’t even his.

The Warriors still have Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. They are the team’s two best players. They might have taken a backseat as a whole to Thompson, but they wouldn’t concede “best play” to him. Check out his jaw-dropping alley-oop in the third quarter.

The degree of difficulty here is off the charts. This isn’t the type of play that you practice. It’s not even one that you really think about–it just happens.

Zaza Pachulia did a great job of winning the jump ball and tapping it straight back to Draymond Green. Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr was in the building and, clearly, Green was giving him a little shotout by throwing the touchdown pass.

Immediately after the tip, Curry and Durant took off running. Green found his point guard running a go route downcourt. Curry leapt to make the fantastic over the shoulder catch and in one quick motion, threw it backwards over his head.

Then Durant flashed the athleticism. He skied for the ball and speared it out of the air with his big left hand. He then squeezed the pumpkin with both hands and slammed it down.

I was in disbelief after I saw the play. There’s no way that actually happened. Everything was so perfect and incredible. It didn’t even look real, looking like a play out of a basketball movie.

This wasn’t just the play of the night, it’s probably the play of the season. The timing and precision with everything was awesome. The Warriors got the ball all the way to the other side of the court without it ever touching the ground. Four players touched the ball, no one dribbled, and they scored in about four seconds.

That’s incredible. This team is really amazing to watch because you never know what your’e going to see. That was a play that we’re all going to remember for a long time. The more that Curry, Durant, and co. play together, the better chemistry they’ll have and plays like this will become the norm.

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