Wade talks LeBron, dad’s Cavs gear, and chokeslam threats in Twitter Q&A

What would you do fresh off of agreeing to a one-year, $20 million contract?

If you’re Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, after the Fourth of July weekend, you host a little Twitter Q&A session and interact with Heat nation.

The first question Wade addressed had to do with his dad rocking Cleveland Cavaliers gear when contract negotiations between Wade and the Heat were reportedly at their nadir. Now that he’s back with Miami, Wade says that his dad has just one option with all that Cavs apparel: continue to wear it, because he’s an NBA fan.

And with that out of the way, Wade could get to the important stuff. For instance, did WWE star Kane’s threat of a chokeslam if Wade were to leave Miami play into his decision at all?

As for Hassan Whiteside, Wade said that the young man has all the tools to be an All-Star.

And, yes, Wade and LeBron James still talk — they were spotted in the Bahamas together, after all.

But if you’re going to imply that James carried Wade when The King was in Miami, get ready for Wade to drop some knowledge all over your dome.

Wade also answered a challenge from professional football wide receiver Chad Johnson.

And, of course, he had to yell at Mario Chalmers. Because that’s what Wade does.

(h/t CBS Miami)

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports